You have been informed of your unique situation; you have been given the chance to become an Acolyte in the service of the Imperium of Man. Such an honor is not one to take lightly, you have displayed skills that put you a cut above the rest of the dross in our grand Imperium. Your service to your God-Emperor will no doubt be troubling and difficult you’re under scrutiny of several Inquisitors of Calixian Conclave. Your orders will come from these Inquisitors they are who you will pay the greatest attention to, as they are the will of the High council and thus the will of your God-Emperor. We will be sure to find assignments to test you with and you are urged to complete all of these assignments with due haste. Moreover we do understand that not all assignments presented to you will be within your realm, if an assignment can’t be completed we expect a full and detailed report on why. You have also been given access pertinent information on your provided data-slate.

Service to the Imperium of Man

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